This is an American video game publisher and part of Microsoft Gaming division based in Redmond, Washington. Xbox Games Studios was previously known as Microsoft Games, Microsoft Game Studios and Microsoft Studios.
Xbox Game Studios spun out from an internal Games Group, established in March 2000 for the development and publishing of video games for Microsoft Windows. For a long time now, it has expanded to include games and other interactive entertainment for the namesake Xbox platforms, Windows Mobile and other mobile platforms, and web-based portals.
Xbox Game Studios has allowed some of the content developed by its studios or that was previously published exclusively for the Xbox and Windows systems to be released on Nintendo systems, notably the Nintendo Switch versions of cup head from studio MDHR and Ori and the Blind Forest from Moon Studios, and allowing for the titular characters from

Rare’s Banjo-Kazoole into Super Smash Bros.

Towards the end of 2021, it is recorded that twenty three studios is now under Xbox Game Studios, Booty stated that they now had more games than ever to handle, and were likely not going to acquire any additional studios in the near future, stating ” we’ve been shifting our focus inside Xbox Game Studios from acquisition and growth, to a phase of execution and delivery”.
xbox game studio
1) Rare
2) The coalition
3) The initiative
4) Turn 10
5)Undead labs
6) World edge, etecetra.



Rare is known for classic Nintendo franchises like Killer instinct and Donkey Kong and more recently Sea of Thieves.

Recently, it been announced that they are working on Everwild, which looks to be some form of multiplayer survival game, although little is known about the project.
Sea of thieves as a live ops game, has Rare working on it building it out with new feature and systems to keep it feeling fresh, while attempting to attract new customers.


Microsoft’s Gears of War all-star, The Coalition, is tasked with expanding the Gears universe beyond its corridor cover shooter roots, and Gears 5 achieved that to some degree.
The Coalition is currently presumably working future installments in the Gears franchise. There are rumors that The Coalition may be exploring new IP, however, but they are as of yet unconfirmed.


This is a brand new studio led by Darrel Gallager of Tomb Raider fame set up by Microsoft. The studio is known to be working on a reboot of Rare’s former spy franchise, Perfect Dark, set in the midst of an ecological crisis.

Crystal Dynamics of Tomb Raider fame are now also co-developing Perfect Dark, to ensure it hits AAA quality and depth.



Turn 10 works primarily on the Forza Motorsport series of racing simulators as well as the franchise’s engine. The studio in 2019 and 2020 skipped a release hereby taken a break from Forza Motorsport’s bi-annualization.
Turn 10 recently confirmed that it is working on a new Forza Motorsport, with a completely new engine built specifically for the Xbox Series X and S. The new Forza Motorsport aims to push simulation racing to the next level, with ray tracing, new physics models, and much more.


Undead Labs is known for the State of Decay franchise and has a sizable fan following who has been helping shape the zombie apocalypse survival sim. State of Decay 2 suffered a bit of a mixed reception due to its rough edges at launch, but after months of polish, it’s now in a really good place.
State of Decay 3 has now been revealed with a cinematic trailer, built specifically for the Xbox Series X. The trailer certainly suggests a bigger focus on visuals, and we’ve heard Undead Labs will place a bigger emphasis on character development in this one, but we’ll have to wait and see for more details.
This is one of the newest studio in Microsoft’s in charge of shepherding the Age of Empires franchise. The team is currently working on maintaining Age of Empires: DE and Age of Empires 11: DE, while completing work on Age of Empires 11: DE, and possibly even Age of Mythology: DE. Alongside that, World’s Edge is working with Relic Entertainment on Age of Empires IV.
World’s Edge is set to explore other titles based on the Age of Empires IP as well, which may include some kind of MOBA-lite like League of Legends.
We’ve heard that World’s Edge may be exploring other titles based on the Age of Empires IP as well, which may include some kind of MOBA-lite like League of Legends.
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