Jeffrey Dahmer was a serial killer in the United States who raped and kills seventeen men ranging from the age of fourteen to thirty-one. Dahmer would lull his victims into returning to his apartment with the promise of a drink spiked with drugs, after which he would sexually abuse them. In addition to this, he would dismember their bodies and keep “souvenirs” of their genitalia, skulls, and other body parts. According to his biography, he routinely snapped photos of his victims at various phases of the murder process, so he could recollect each deed afterward and relive the sensation.

Tracy Edwards was the last of his victim who made it out alive and was also the one who helped police in Milwaukee find 84 Polaroid photographs hidden in a nightstand drawer. The police were in disbelieve as they didn’t imagine such thing and person existed. The public were terrorized in fear as they were disgusted by such atrocity a human could ever muster. This Polaroid was what helped the prosecution convict him of previous crimes as they were unaware although he did confess to these crimes.

Although these crimes were committed in the early to late 70s to the early 90s it was brought to the limelight again in 2022 almost 3 decades when Netflix released its new series which depicted Dahmer life and the gruesome murders he committed. This new series was met with an uproar as people were disgusted at how gruesome and horrible the murders were depicted in the movie without consideration of the victim’s family and how they will be reminded of such horrible moment in the lives.


Dahmer family are still alive only his mother who died in 2000 from breast cancer. His parent were divorced in July 1978 and did go ahead to marry different partners. His dad is still alive as of 2023 and did appear in different interviews concerning his son and did go ahead to write a book titled A Fathers Story.

Although much is known about the father, Lionel Dahmer however, little to none is known about his brother David Dahmer who changed his name as soon as his brother was arrested for murder in 1991 and no records was made of what he did change his name to. He did graduate from the University of Cincinnati in 1994. His step mom Shari Dahmer did give a little tidbit about him in 2004 in an interview with Larry King stating how they respect his privacy and were also expecting their second grand child from him. He would be 57 years old in 2023.

In November 1994 Jeff was assaulted by a fellow inmate and died on his way to the hospital. However in 1995 when his body was to be cremated, his divorced parent did have a slight dispute on whether to cremate his body with his brains or not. His dad wanted to cremate his body and brains so as to put the past behind him while his mom wanted to save his brain and send it to science to study why he acted that way and if there was a scientific explanation for that.

A court sitting did rule that his body and brains be cremated together.

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