The PlayStation 5 Slim Might Be Coming Soon – Here’s What We Know

If you’re into console gaming, you’ve no doubt heard whispers about the PlayStation 5 Slim coming out soon. But what’s the real deal with this new console? And when will it really be released? We’ll take you through everything you need to know about the PS5 Slim (or whatever Sony decides to call it) in this guide, including what we think the price and release date will be as well as everything else that’s currently known about this upcoming game console.

1) Sony Isn’t Worried About the Next Xbox

The PlayStation 5 Slim Might Be Coming Soon- PS5 Slim

Despite the fact that the Xbox Project Scorpio has not yet been released, rumors are flying that Sony is ready to release the PlayStation 5 Slim. It has been said by a reporter on France24, with an account verified as credible by both TechRadar and Develop Online, that Sony is preparing for an upcoming announcement. Reportedly, there will be a PlayStation Meeting in September 2017 to officially announce their new console. That said, as of right now these reports remain unverified and it could be some time before we find out what will happen with Sony’s next-generation console. Until then, I would suggest you buy this amazing little portable TV to go along with your old PS4 or prepare for the slim!


It’s unclear whether Sony will call their next console PlayStation 5 or something else entirely. Reports have suggested that their console could come out around 2020, making it roughly four years away from release. It also remains to be seen what they could change in their next device and how it will stack up against Microsoft’s Scorpio. The PS4 Pro showed a lot of promise with its boosted specs but was held back by outdated ports of last generation games and some frame rate issues. If nothing else, Sony could just focus on more exclusives like Horizon Zero Dawn which proved to be very popular with consumers. Whether you plan on getting an Xbox Scorpio or a PlayStation 5 Slim, your best bet is to stick with Amazon!


2) Sony Needs To Keep Up With Microsoft

Sony is in need of a more competitive console. They were once pioneers in gaming consoles but they’re quickly being surpassed by Xbox, Nintendo, and even Apple. The Ps5 Slim might be the answer to Sony’s prayers as it’ll compete with their current Ps5 game console and go against the Microsoft xbox ONE. One question that arises is when will the Ps5 Slim be released? All signs point to 2020-ish as mentioned by Game Informer Managing Editor Andrew Reiner. This would give Sony enough time to perfect the slim design while Microsoft has taken over the market so far this year. One major player that might be in on this new generation of PS consoles is Electronic Arts!

3) How Much Would You Expect the PS5 to Cost?


The original PlayStation was released all the way back in 1994, meaning that it will soon be time for a brand new system. Luckily, gamers now know more about the future of consoles thanks to the PS5 slim pre order page. With a release date and price range of 2020, some questions still remain as to how Sony will keep up with its competitors from Nintendo and Microsoft. But one thing is for certain: there are a lot of people who are ready to buy this new console as soon as it becomes available for purchase.

It’s been a while since Sony has launched a brand new console, but that doesn’t mean that people aren’t looking forward to it. The PS5 slim pre order page is one of many rumors floating around right now, and it predicts that gamers will be able to buy their own by 2020. That’s just two years away, which means that many people are already saving their money in anticipation. If you want to save money on your next purchase from Sony, you should consider signing up for PS Plus or just checking out some great PS4 deals on Amazon.

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4) When Should you Start Expecting the New PS5 Slim?

The PlayStation 5 Slim Might Be Coming Soon- PS5 Slim
For many, the next step in their gaming experience will come by way of a pre-order for the PS5. For others, it might be a purchase that has been waiting until 2023. Either way, many are still trying to figure out how to buy the new PS5 Slim and what it will be like to play with one of these consoles. The following are some questions you might want answered before purchasing the newest device on the market: When should we start expecting the new PS5 Slim? How can we prepare for it? How much will it cost? Will this console be just for me or for all my friends?

5) Will Sony Get Rid of PS4 Games on Physical Copies with the PS5?

ps4 slim

Reports of the PS5 slim being released soon might not be as false as we all first thought. Sony has been releasing so many variations on their console, why not try to streamline the process with a new model? All I know is that if they stop making physical copies and make every game digital only, I’ll lose it. It’s cheaper to buy digital and go see movies or go on Amazon than it is to get in the car, find parking, pay for parking, get in the theater, buy your ticket and popcorn. The convenience alone makes going out of your way worth it. Plus, if you have someone watching kids while you’re at work this is a perfect time saver! You can run errands while playing your favorite games at home!

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Does Sony have plans for PS5 slim?

Sony doesn’t have any plans for a PS5 slim right now, but that doesn’t mean they’re not being considered. All major console developers work on multiple game consoles at the same time and are looking at what needs to be improved or changed. When the time is right Sony will most likely release their new gaming system in the form of a PS5 slim, just like they did with the PS4 when the original generation ran out of steam. So no, there’s no way to pre-order a PS5 now or even soon for that matter. There’s been absolutely no announcement about one happening anytime soon so it would be pointless to do so.

Should I Wait for PS5 Pro or PS5 Slim?

Well, you’ve come to the right place! Keep reading for some advice about whether or not you should be preordering the PS5 Pro or a PS5 Slim.
If you want a powerful console with high end graphics and 4K HDR video output but don’t care much about backwards compatibility, then the PS5 Pro is for you! The PS4 Pro has hardware features that make it more powerful than the ps5 slim. This allows it to play games in higher fidelity and allows users to use HD upscaling on 1080p displays so that they can enjoy 4K resolution graphics with maximum detail. This doesn’t mean that 4K gaming won’t be available on the PS5 Slim, but at 1080p resolution instead of 4K.