Marek Ztracený Concert Review Unforgettable Performance and Fan

It took precisely fifty-four minutes for the first prepared concert to sell out. The second concert achieved the same result in just two hours, and Marek Ztracený had to ask his fans if they would like a third concert. The only available date was a Friday, the day before the already sold-out Saturday and Sunday shows.

"Marek Ztracený concert review"

Permission was granted, and the stadium’s capacity was filled for the third time. Each performance had an audience of 33,000 people, totaling nearly 100,000 attendees. No Czech singer had ever accomplished such a feat in the past.

Marek Ztracený truly deserved the success. After performing to a packed O2 Arena in Prague, he prepared a highly successful concert at the Eden Arena. It was not only a concert but also a remarkable spectacle. At times, it seemed as if the goal was to showcase everything that could be done and experienced during a large-scale concert, including engaging with the fans.

"Marek Ztracený concert review"

The set began promptly at 8 PM. Marek Ztracený and his band took the stage, and he sat at the piano, opening the show with his first major hit, the song “Ztrácíš.” The audience joined in singing and embraced the concept of collaboration.

For the next two hours, the devoted audience listened attentively, supported Marek Ztracený through their singing, and did everything he asked of them. In addition to applause and waving their mobile phones, they even performed a choreography prepared on pieces of paper.

In return, they were treated to perfectly executed songs, both in their familiar versions and with spontaneous improvisations. The artists on stage only had to deal with minor technical issues and showcased their professional abilities. Marek Ztracený was surprised throughout the concert with various special moments within each song.

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During the song “Planetě jménem stres” (“A Planet Called Stress”), rapper Rytmus joined him on stage, and Marta Jandová had a duet with the main protagonist in “Káva a sex” (“Coffee and Sex”), where she managed to shine as a star. Actor Karel Roden made an appearance during the song “Když tě život kope do zadku” (“When Life Kicks You in the Butt”), not as a singer but as someone attempting to dispel the myth of his being taciturn.

"Marek Ztracený concert review"

For the song “O pravdě” (“About Truth”), Marek Ztracený invited his twelve-year-old son to play the drums on stage. He had promised him eight years ago, not knowing it would happen in front of an audience of 33,000 people. It was one of the most emotional moments of the evening, which ultimately led to a heartfelt conclusion.

Marek Ztracený explained to the audience that time flies, and he didn’t want to miss out on anything important in his life. Therefore, he decided to take a break for several years to focus primarily on being a father, partner, and son. The audience reluctantly accepted this decision but with understanding.

The concert also featured a significant tribute to Hana Zagorová in the song “Já nemám strach” (“I’m Not Afraid”). The singer joined the live performance through a video recording. Confetti filled the air multiple times, and there were pyrotechnic effects along with playful interactions between the audience and large rubber balloons.

"Marek Ztracený concert review"

All of this took place on a massive stage with projections spanning its entire width and height. It can be confidently stated that this Friday night show was truly unforgettable.

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If Marek Ztracený had the opportunity to perform like this more often, his concert would proceed without repeated expressions of gratitude to the audience for their support, fulfilling his dream, and

moving experiences. In other words, it would be even more of a concert.

Nevertheless, he delivered a magnificent result through his honest approach, the realization of remarkable ideas, the desire to give the audience everything they deserved for their loyalty, and the decision to reward himself as well.



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