The world is gradually developing deeper into the digital space. With the advent of technology, two users can pass information without any stress or hurdles. Technology has expanded greatly in our society with new innovations. Communications technology refers to all the equipment and programs that are used to process and communicate information. Experts in this field specialize in the development, installation and service of these hardware and software systems.

They are different types communication technology that helps in the speedy delivery of information between two person which are:

1) Video conferencing and chat services, like Skype, Zoom, Google meet etc.

2) Email

3) Postal and shipping services.

4) Short Message Services (SMS).

5) Microblogging services like Twitter document and calendar sharing services like Google Docs.

6) Blogs and wikis, like WordPress and Media wiki.

7) Vlogs.

8) Podcast.

9) Collaborative documents.

9) Smart speakers.

10) Wearable technology.

11) Web chats.

12) Social media platforms.

Also, some desktop software tools can be used to send information such as

  1. a) Visual design and mockup software like Balsamiq.
  2. b) Project management software like Microsoft Project or OpenProject.
  3. c) Microsoft office or open office suit.


A blog is a personal website where people share information about their life, environment, church, schools etc. for others to read and gain knowledge. Most blog are created by WordPress. Some commercial blogs are run by companies, media organizations, individuals and professional bloggers who monetized through advertising and affiliate marketing as the result of the traffic gotten on the blog.

Before the invention of blogging, professional content writers needed to get to a publishing company to print and market their work at great expense. Presently, the content could be access with ease and could be seen around the world.

In 1999, the name ‘blog’ was given by ‘Peter Merholz’ and by 2004 it became the Merriam Webster word of the year.



This is actually referred to as video logs. This is an extension of blogging in which the increase bandwidths enable people to post video online. Here the brain behind it is not called a blogger but a Vlogger. The Vlogger uses a handheld camera or the camera on their computer recording themselves speaking. In this process information is been passed to the audience.

In the year 2000, the first Vlog was published by when Adam Kontras posted a video on his blog for his family and friends to view. Blogging became increasingly popular in 2005 after the emergence of YouTube and also the inventions of cheap mobile smart phone.

Communication Technology


Since the 70’s email has been in existence and it is still relevance in the 21st century. In the early days emails were sent by close-circuit LAN network in government and university databases.

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Presently in the 21st century, we have resorted to the use of paperless society where bills, results, letters etc. are sent through mails. Email has rendered a lot of alternatives totally useless.



Technology has introduced some sophisticated technological tools for conference that helps individuals and workplaces communicate with each other across long distances. The use of chats services like Zoom, Goggle meet up, Skype etc. has really helped business partners, individuals etc. to meet and discuss online without meeting onsite.

Some online collaboration tools allow user to interact by sharing a computer screen. A conference can have a brainstorming screen on which all members of the conference can write from their computers.

University teachers, students, public speakers, pastor use lot of this cognitive tools for their lecture slides.



In Podcast audio information are uploaded and stored on cloud technology ready for anyone to download and listen to at will. For fans to be able to get the latest episodes of the podcast series, they have to automatically download into their smart phone through the RSS feeds.

They is a huge difference between Podcast and Radio even though podcast emerged out of radio. In Podcast users could download at will and they are not force to tune in to a particular station at a particular time to get an information. Podcast are transmitted the internet while radio is transmitted through the radio waves.

Here also user can access any topic of their choice around the globe whereas radio has a restriction placed on it which the information it gives is for a specific geographical area.  It is made available to anyone with a computer and microphone.



Social media platform is where people communicate with each other, create bonds, post pictures, videos, create personal pages and update on their life.

In 1997, the first social media platform was launched in the entire network system. Presently, the most used social media platform is “Facebook”. Billions of people around the world use this platform actively.

The second most used social media platform is “twitter”. This is the site users use to share short thought to people across the web. Major corporations, public figures and governments use Twitter to quickly share updates and in-the-moment responses to sensitive issues of public importance.




Since the digital space is gradually evolving, a new innovation was launched called the “wearable technology”. A wearable technology is any information technology that is carried on the body. There are a lot of wearable technology that was launched but emphasis will be focus on this three:

  1. a) Exercise bracelets.
  2. b) Smart watches.
  3. c) Smart glasses.


This are wearable health trackers that tap into people’s body to measure vital signs. Most users use this exercise bracelets to keep tab of the number of distances covered and have record for future reference. These bracelets can automatically send data to exercise trainers to provide quick, accurate, concise update on the health profile of the wearer.

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It allows people to use voice commands to control them. With internet connections, wearable technology can provide quick answers to questions that we ask them, make hands-free phone calls, and help you keep spoken-word memos and notes throughout the day.



When a user is wearing smart glasses, they can have the glasses project data like their travel speed or internet search data directly onto their retina. They usually also allow people to make phone calls through voice commands. Most smart glasses technologies also allow users to communicate with them through eye movements, blinks or hand movements.



They are four main types of communication technology gadgets that assist to pass information such as:

1) Television.

2) Internet.

3) Telephone.

4) Radio.




Television is another way we use to pass information to a large of audience of persons with ease. Some information is hard to describe using just words and it will be difficult to pass to the right audience but with the help of television audience have access to both information and visuals. This is one of the advantages of television over radio in mass communication.

Today, in our society they are thousands of television channels that people tune into for any information on almost any topic: news, fiction, sports, entertainment, stories, events, science and so.



It is widely said that the internet is a world wide web that gives everyone access to every information they need. The internet successfully combines all types of communication technology and houses them in one place. It provides the largest array of information and communication sources known to man.

The various tools available on the internet makes every type of communication effortless. In the internet we have verbal and non-verbal communication that can be accomplished with video conferencing software such as Zoom, Google meet, WhatsApp video call, Duo, skype etc.

Written messages can be sent through Email, Facebook, WhatsApp, Linkedin, Github, etc. Election versions can be sent through any internet devices. While other gadgets help make communication between a business and their consumers easy, certain tools can often be considered hybrid – bringing together different types of communication.

Live chat is one of the hybrid tools that combines all types of communication – verbal, nonverbal, written, and rich media – through audio and video conferencing software, instant messaging, and file sharing capabilities.

Customers can place orders, ask questions, or troubleshoot issues through live chat, all on a single customer communication platform. This is very beneficial to business personnel because it gives them access to a business and allows them to connect with an agent whenever they have a query.

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With the advent of telephone, people can talk to anyone around the world, strengthening relationship, bonding with each other and eliminate the stress that comes with long distance relationship. Technology has advanced over time that bringing in a new innovation of mobile telephone. The rate people use telephone is on the low recently except in few offices.

This mobile phone has some unique features and characteristics that makes it stands out and it quite portable. It can be used for both visual and written communication to pass information to persons. One beautiful thing about is that pictures, videos, text messages can be sent through mobile phones.



After the invention of telephone, radio was the new innovation in the realm of verbal communication. Unlike telephone that can reach one person on the other end radio can reach a sizeable number of audiences.

The cost of passing information on a radio it quite low compared to other communication tools. This information can reach a large audience because advertisers and newscasters spend substantial amounts of time communicating with their audience using radio technology.

Radio strengthen mass communication.


1) It has helps us to stay in touch with family, friends and business partners.

2) It allows effective management of current business and pursuing additional business opportunities by entering new market segment.

3) They have been a lot of changes in human behavior as the results of the impacts of ICT.

4) It has made investigation in criminal cases easy and results are gotten quick without any delay.

5) It has greatly impacted the education sector hereby making learning easy and enjoyable. One could be in a different country and have classes in another country with ease.

6) It can be used to address environmental issue including climate change, etc.

7) ICT has greatly impacted the health sector thereby inventing sophisticated machine that can help arrest difficult health situation.


The emergence of different communication tools has made communication more democratic than ever. This communication technology continues to advance at a rapid space and with the invention of the internet it has made it much easier. Anyone with internet connection can pass information across and share their ideas,

It has help to take away the difficulties that came with communication across long distances some years ago. One of the disadvantages is that people tend to pass fake news across and one have to be very critical of information passed on through online media and the need to inform ourselves using reliable, trustworthy and scientific information.




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