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Mother, son connive to bury step-brother alive in Kogi


Kogi police arrest boy who allegedly buried brother alive

Mother, son connive to bury step-brother alive in Kogi. The incident happened Tuesday evening at Apamisede Community, a metropolis of Lokoja. The boy was however lucky as good Samaritans were still able to exhumed him alive.

According to an eyewitness account, the stepmother of the boy directed her eldest son to punish the boy, Friday for stealing N1000.

The elder brother in executing the directive of his mother first of all beat the boy so much that he almost lost his two eyes, he then decided to bury Friday alive but was rescued by neighbors
When he was asked why he decided to bury his brother alive.

He said that he was only carrying out the instructions of his mother who asked him to punish his brother for stealing her One thousand Naira and tried to run away again as he normally does.
Goodness said though his mother was away to church but had left strong instructions for him to punish his brother.

The state police public relations officer, SP William Aya who confirmed the incident said that the boy has been arrested and undergoing interogation.
“Yes, we are aware. The boy has been arrested, investigation is ongoing as to why and how such thing could happened.”arrested and undergoing interrogation.

Kogi police arrest boy who allegedly buried brother alive

The Kogi State Police Command, on Thursday, arrested one Goodness Oshodi for allegedly burying his younger brother, Friday Oshodi, alive for stealing N1000 belonging to their mother.

According to him, Goodness went and dug a pit, and buried his brother alive. However, Friday was rescued by neighbours while the suspect, Goodness has been taken into custody.

The Kogi State Police Command has arrested the stepmother of the 11-year- old boy buried alive on Wednesday by her 17-year-old son. The spokesman for the command, SP Williams Ovye-Aya, said in Lokoja that the woman was arrested yesterday on returning from the church.

In meeting punishment to the 11-year-old, the 17-year-old took his stepbrother into the bush, where he buried him alive, throwing the entire state into bewilderment.

Police immediately arrested the 17-year-old, saying, “Our officers and men were able to arrest the stepmother on Thursday after a tip-off. She is now in our custody. The Step mother has made a statement to the police on the sad incident.

We shall transfer the mother and son to the Criminal Investigation Department for further interrogation of reasons behind such cruelty among family members. It is unfortunate that the father or breadwinner of the family was said to have traveled.

We are waiting for him to return to give us his statement. Once the investigation is concluded, we shall arraign mother and son,’’ Ovye-Aya said. Meanwhile, the Kogi State government has vowed to prosecute the 17-year-old boy and the mother.

Commissioner for Women Affairs and Social Development, Hajiya Fatima Buba, made the vow yesterday in Lokoja when she spoke with newsmen over the incident.

Buba described the incident as “very wicked’’ and “saddening’’ and assured that the ministry was in constant liaison with the police for the immediate prosecution of the mother and son.



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